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Welcome to History Bytes Digital, the Anglican Church History site dedicated to introducing you to a score of people, places and events who have left their stamp on our Church, making us what we are today – a Church blessed with people of incredible resilience and vision, a Church cursed by periods of short- shortsightedness and dissension, a Church that at its best gives us a euphoric taste of the Kingdom and at its worst invites us to cower before its power.  This is our Church – good or bad –  and it is my pleasure to take you on a monthly journey to a time and place in the past, hopefully helping you to love this Church as deeply as I do.
~ Richard White, Editor ~

Our Most Famous Anglican Pirate

It commemorates a significant event in our Anglican History.  It is a 57 foot high Celtic cross –  Drake’s Cross – erected in 1894 by Church of England, marking the landing of Sir Francis Drake in 1579 and what happened there. Sir Francis Drake (1540-1596) was a key figure in the court of Elizabeth the

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The Descensus Controversy

Did Christ descend into Hell after he died, or was his death on the Cross his Hell?  In the 16th century this question generated a lot of heat in our Church. It was called the Descensus Controversy, and Queen Elizabeth 1st and the authors of our Thirty-Nine Articles were smack dab in the middle of

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The Prophecy That Doomed A King

He was incensed, in fact all in Friar William Peto’s religious order were incensed. The patroness of the Grey Friars of Greenwich,  Henry VIII’s wife,  Queen Catherine of Aragon was being abused. Maybe not physically, but certainly in every other way possible.  The Queen, a faithful and godly woman,  was a victim. She was held

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