Anglicans and War

The Crusade that Never Happened

The two monarchs had a common nightmare.  The news of a foreign, blue-coated invader with plumed helmets marching into Europe unsettled them both.  Henry VIII, the King of England, and Charles V, “Holy Roman Emperor” and ruler of most of southern and Eastern Europe may have had their spats in the past, but the blue-coated …

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Chaplain “Woodbine Willy” Kennedy

It was dark.  The battlefield was a sea of filth, blood and mud.  A lone soldier slipped out of the trench and edged his way along the ground towards the group of soldiers stringing barbed wire.   “Who are you?” asked a nervous soldier to the dark form. “The Church,” the visitor replied.  “What’s the Church …

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Christian Collaborator, Edith Cavell

Long shadows fell across the rifle range that morning  on October 12th, 1915. The place was Schaerbeek, Belgium.  The time was World War I.  The  German prison chaplain spoke quietly to the woman in front of him, blessed her in the name of the Trinity,  and squeezed her delicate hand  affectionately.  The woman who faced …

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