The 16th Century

The Prophecy That Doomed A King

He was incensed, in fact all in Friar William Peto’s religious order were incensed. The patroness of the Grey Friars of Greenwich,  Henry VIII’s wife,  Queen Catherine of Aragon was being abused. Maybe not physically, but certainly in every other way possible.  The Queen, a faithful and godly woman,  was a victim. She was held …

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The Crusade that Never Happened

The two monarchs had a common nightmare.  The news of a foreign, blue-coated invader with plumed helmets marching into Europe unsettled them both.  Henry VIII, the King of England, and Charles V, “Holy Roman Emperor” and ruler of most of southern and Eastern Europe may have had their spats in the past, but the blue-coated …

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How Civil Marriage became “Holy Matrimony” – Part Two

They didn’t keep minutes or record the heretical opinions of its members, but for the “Little Germany” group, the White Horse Tavern in Cambridge was their watering hole.   It was the mid 16th century. England’s future Protestant leaders were college students. Men like William Tyndale, Miles Coverdale, Nicholas Ridley, Hugh Latimer, Thomas Bilney and the …

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The Fish Book

It smelled.  Fisher-folk, fishwives, fishmongers, families with children, and members of the college community all jostled together at the weekly fish market in Cambridge, England.  It was Tuesday, June 23rd, 1626.  The air was pungent with fish-oils and sweat, and alive with bartering, shouting and laughter as people haggled over locally caught trout, catfish, pike, …

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