St Francis and Sultan Al-Malik: a Model for Christian-Islamic Dialogue

How can the followers of Islam and the followers of Jesus Christ talk openly about their faiths?  After affirming the obvious – we are fellow  Canadians, brothers and sisters in the greatest country on Earth – how can we talk about what really matters to us – our faiths? The theological and even cultural differences …

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The Defiant Biretta

It is black, usually made from worsted wool with a black lining.  Three prominent blades run across the crown of the hat like three weather veins, publicly symbolic of the Trinity, met at the centre with a black pom-pom. The biretta is the Anglo-Catholic priest’s working cap.  During worship a series of rituals were developed …

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Wesley’s Dilemma – Part One

No one contributed to the spread of the Church in the 18th century like the Reverend John  Wesley (1703-1791)  Fiery, single-minded, physically fit and dynamic to be around,  John Wesley and his brother Charles crisscrossed the British Isles on horseback, speaking in town squares, parks and fields to crowds that sometimes exceeded a thousand. His …

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A Royal Peculiar

It was a royal wedding in peculiar place. When William and Kate exchanged vows last April 19th they did so in Westminster Abbey, a “Royal peculiar.” In today’s usage, we call something “peculiar” if it is unusual or odd.   Prior to the 17th century, however, the word “peculiar” meant “property,” from the Latin word  peculiaris  …

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Sanctuary – An Old Church Practice

They ran for their lives,  scrambling through the Devonshire sheep-paths, the cry of the sheriff’s horn behind them.  Adam, the Miller, his wife Matilda and their two sons grasped every whisper of freedom possible,  Back in the village, Stephen de la Done lay  a grotesque heap on the mill floor.  The miller’s son had delivered …

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